2011 Photo Contest

Hello everyone –

As of today we are launching the 2011 Photo Contest for Spencer Pond Camps. My father “Chip” Howe an award winning photographer inspired us to create last year’s contest. He managed the contest and enjoyed all the correspondence and entries he received from guests throughout the year. So we have decided to start a new tradition and keep the photo contest running year after year and dedicate it to his memory.

We are fortunate this year  – at the end of December, Dad and I sat down together and HE came up with most of the categories for 2011. He was pretty creative when it came to the new categories. All except the last category – Mother Nature’s Weather and Stars. This category I created and it is dedicated to my Dad who had a life long love of weather and who also spent many evenings with me at the camps discussing the constellations of the night sky. This year as I watch Orion move across the skyline from dusk to dawn, I will remember him and his impact forever – love to my Dad, and good luck to this year’s photo contest participants!

Here are the links to the full contest details


And while we are discussing happy memories-  I have included this song from youtube, which was played and sung by many happy children and a crazy Dad on many road trips back from camp!


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  1. B & L Chandler

    Our thoughts are with you as you adjust to the loss of your Dad. We have both gone through it, and it can be very difficult at times. It is the memories made, actually both the good and bad ones, that will see you through. I am sure he was so proud of you all, and the new role you have accepted as overseers of SPC. Our best to you as you soon begin year two. Brad & Linda