Gorby birds, fiddleheads, and quilts…

In a few short weeks we will be opening up the camps for our first season; embracing the surprises and adventures that will engage us along the way. The last few weeks have been eventful, and as the time grows closer, we both become more impatient to be there. Last weekend on a trip up North we rounded Spectacle corner and as usual I felt the weight of the world drop off my shoulders. As we crest the hills and look across familiar ranges, Barren, Borestone, Whitecap, Elephant, & Squaw mountains loom in the distance and welcome us with their familiar and stoic presence. I wonder if others feel the change as they enter the North Woods too? Is it my sentimentality or years of familiarity that pull me to this region in the heart of Maine’s Highlands? How are our guests pulled in? What brings people from around the world and across the United States back to some humble cabins and the little mountain beside a pond? Buried beneath the details of what we will need to do and accomplish while we are up there those first few weeks, I find myself anxious to hear the birds, what will be there ready to welcome us? Will the gorby birds (which I like to call whiskey-jacks) meet us at the door step or will it be the delicate call of a chickadee beckoning “springs here.” When will the hummingbirds come? As I get ready to bid farewell to my regal display of tulips and daffodils I wonder what will welcome me there. When will the trillium and lady slipper blossom? Where will the perfect patch of delicate twinflowers sprout? Will the snipe fly over and make its jungle bird sound? Will the green frogs add their sweet banjo chorus to the sounds I pick out on ours? The wonders that await us make the effort worthwhile, the friendships we are making and the bonds we are forging already make me realize how lucky we are. I’ve said it before, but Spencer draws good people, people that love nature, that have adventurous souls and kind spirits…story tellers and good humor abound and I cannot wait to sit back in the rocker beside a crackling fire to listen to the master yarns that will surely abound. This past week we collected kayaks from Old Town Canoe and Mountain Bikes from the Howe family. We have five of each to get us started all in nice shape. I stopped in to visit my grandparents to drop off a hat and the newly embroidered polos, thinking I would surprise them with a quick Saturday afternoon visit. The surprise was apparently on me, because my enterprising and talented grandma has not spent her winter days idle. Waiting for us on the kitchen table were two of the most beautiful quilts I think she has ever made. She was quite proud of herself to having found “Dream Green” quilt batting to stuff them with, which is made out of recycled green soda bottles. Amazing and clever! But then again I could expect no less of such an enterprising and determined woman, along with the brand new quilted pot holders she has made for each cabin, I am thinking the place will look quite spiffy! What an incredible gift. I only hope that I will have time to learn her skills (as she says she just “throws” them together) so I too can be sewing and adding to the repertoire of assorted quilts that adorn each cabin bed. Thankfully with some modern technology my lack of talent on the sewing machine will be greatly minimized. The fiddleheads have started pushing and growing out of the mud, and the snow has retreated. I’m relishing the thought of casting that first line after the trout into North Inlet. I wonder too which moose will greet us? Will there be an impressive bull, who in my typical anthropomorphic fashion I have already decided to name Stanley 2 or will there be a young yearling to visit us? Will Penelope the cow be around? There are so many questions to be answered. We continue to hope for a dry easy spring, to help the grouse and loons during their nesting season & the deer find easy forage. As we begin our impending journey we invite you to continue to share in our experiences & come join us for the fun soon.





One response to “Gorby birds, fiddleheads, and quilts…

  1. I thank you for sharing your heart. It takes me there and I haven’t even been! I can not wait to visit and hopefully find time to bring my wife and children. It is settings like this and people like you that make this journey memorable and enchanting.

    Wishing good luck for the weather and God speed for the chores!

    A friend….