Spencer Pond Camps – Certified by the State of Maine as an Environmental Leader

One of our goals since deciding to take the plunge and run the camps was to continue the Environmental Leader certification that Bob and Jill started. Spencer Pond Camps is fortunate enough to take part of this program and last week completed  the State Certification process successfully! What does this mean for guests? At the most intrinsic level it means that you can continue to feel good about your stay at the camps knowing that we are trying to minimize our impact on the environment and are consciously taking steps to analyze the impact our actions have. We entered this process thinking we were very responsible environmental citizens; but it certainly has heightened our awareness of several things we can do to continue to improve our business practices. 

Some of the things we are doing are business practices long established at the camps and items that simply make sense for our location- composting, limiting the size of boats launched on the pond, reinforcing the no ATV and Bear Baiting policies in effect on the township. Some of the things Dana and I have chosen to do are new, such as measuring our carbon footprint, moving to a paperless environment as much as possible, choosing a “Green” company for our web hosting (our website is powered by 100% wind power), providing dish soap for guests (so we can ensure its phosphate free), and supplying canoes free of charge to encourage guests to traverse the pond via non-motorized means. There are other things the certification has made us think about  – such as encouraging barbless hooks and hunters to pick up all shells. The certification also brought to light for us some groups that are collaborating to provide environmental eco-labels and certification to other  businesses across Maine, we are now confident we will be at the table when those discussions happen and be able to share our experiences and lessons learned.

We encourage you to read our environmental policies and provide any suggestions as we begin our 2010 season:



One response to “Spencer Pond Camps – Certified by the State of Maine as an Environmental Leader

  1. Christy
    Great work & congratulations!
    As you & I have discussed, we will continue to bring our own bedding & towels, in an effort to lessen the laundry load at SPC.