Winter Wonderland – Spencer draped in snow

Today Dana made his first “winter” trip up to the camps. We had been given advice to treat the pond cautiously, and much to everyone’s surprise there was only 8 inches of ice on the pond and lots of slush. Steve chose the land route over the ski-plane route.  Dana picked up Dana E.  in Shirley, and everyone rode in together via sled from Kokadjo. Dana was glad to have a crew to help shovel the roofs. According to the reports, there was between 2-3 feet of snow on most of the roofs. Long day, lots of driving for Dana and we are thankful to Steve and Dana E. for helping!! Very thankful. My suggestion to make a snowman family and take pictures of the camps was firmly trounced, as I expected, but someday soon I will be in there, and I will make a snowman!

They saw three moose on the way out. Dana brought back the “trophy” for the day a small moose antler which had been dropped in the middle of the trail. Dana was very excited as it was the first moose antler he has found. He has grand plans to go hunting for moose “sheds” this spring. I know a few hot spots that I am also eager to share with him.

At the camps, the silky white ermine who favors butterscotch pudding was making herself quite comfortable in the home camp and all the boys got to see her. I’m not sure if she has been “named” and although it is quite anthropomorphic, I am leaning towards the name “Stela.”  This would be short for “Mustela erminea” but I am open to suggestions if others have them…She has done a wonderful job keeping the rodent population at bay and we thank her and her hunting prowess…

for more information about ermines…

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