2010 sends in the winter white snow blanket

Well reports are in and there should be anywhere from 15 inches to 24 inches of new snow at Spencer. Dana will be traveling in later this week and hopefully we will have updated winter pics and  no disasters to report. I’m trying to convince him to make a snowman family and take some pics of it there, but he gives me this weird look every time I ask. It’s been a long time since I have traveled in to Spencer on snowsled…maybe time to change that fact and get in there, it is unbelievably quiet and serene all coated in winter white.
 This week we sent out our first mailing to guests, to confirm reservations made and to let returning guests know that who we are and what are plans are and are not. I am discovering the joys of interacting with guests and am finding that I truly truly enjoy the guests of Spencer Pond. They are good people, in all ways, and I think Gram was right when she said this journey will be as rewarding and as replenishing for me as it is for them when they visit.

Cheers to all! Happy New Year!


2 responses to “2010 sends in the winter white snow blanket

  1. I remember snowsledding into Spencer the first year we owned it. I drove my sled up on the roof of the Sabotowan!

    I think the idea of a snow-family is GREAT…go to it Dana.

  2. You both deserve much credit for this spectacular journey. If Spencer Pond is as special to you as it is to us, the guests, then we’ll all be alright!

    Looking forward to meeting you and getting back to S.P.C.

    jake wyman